Golf Clubs: an essential part of the game and without at least one club,  you simply cannot play.

golf club
plural noun: golf clubs
  1. a club used to hit the ball in golf, with a heavy wooden or metal head on a slender shaft.

Most golf clubs are made with steel shafts and forged heads though there are different composite materials available. As with most things, the look and feel is a personal consideration.

Club length, shaft flex, and head loft should not be overlooked. depending on your style and what you want from the game, these factors can make the difference to your round.


It is not true to say that if you have the best gear you will be a better golfer. You also need to know how to use your equipment and more importantly, how to do that properly.

The equipment we sell here is aimed at golfers from all standards, we are confident you will be able to make an informed choice and get the right gear to suit your game.